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Eadward Gift Sets. Our 8 ounce candle is coupled with a 1 ounce Eau de Toilette or Room Spray.

candle and EDT $45.00


Note: We are no longer taking online orders. Thank you!

Eadward Gift Sets are available in the following scents:

Beaute Candle and Room Spray
A unique blend of Bergamot and White Grapefruit blended with Bois de Rose, Ginger and Spicy Accords.

Belle Candle and EDT
This Light, beautiful fragrance vivifies the senses with its pleasing blend of Mimosa and other floral notes.

Chocolat du Blanc Candle and EDT
White Chocolate blended with hints of Black Currant and Vanilla.
Back by popular demand and added permanently to the Eadward collection.

Confection Candle and Room Spray
Fruity notes of Raspberry and Blackberry blended with Creamy French Vanilla.

Eclectic Candle and EDT
A combination of White Tea, Vanilla and light, citrus notes blend together to create this unforgettable,
flirty Eau de Toilette.

Fruit Noir (Maison) Candle and Room Spray
Notes of Green Fig blended with notes of Black Currant, Pomegranate and other fruit notes.

Green Citrus Candle and Room Spray
Cool Lime blended with Sweet Basil and Linden Blossom for an enjoyable year-round blend.

Indulge Candle and EDT
Reminiscent of one's childhood, Indulge has a playful blend of warm, sweet notes with a hint of Chocolate.
A true delight!

Ocean Candle and EDT
The fresh smell of the ocean, along with a sweet mix of fruity notes, mingle in this bottled vacation.

Tranquil Candle and EDT
This everyday fragrance is inspired by the fresh scent of Cotton.

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